Oreo Popsicles Very Easy and Tasty Recipe

Image Source Pedro Lopez

Image Source Pedro Lopez

By: Pedro Lopez, Reporter

You guys clicked on this story. You guys wanted to make oreo popsicles. When I say this I really wanted to try it I meant it. It looks so delicious that your tongue will really want it. Now let me tell you the steps and ingredients so you can make the Oreo popsicle for yourself or for your family. The ingredients you need are Oreos in a bag, milk, and popsicles It is really easy t make. So let’s get started. The first step is getting your Oreos crushed. So just crush them with your hands. Then open the bag and shape it as you want it so that the ice cream can shape it into a rectangle shape ice cream or shape it into a cylinder. Then once you’re done with that, pour the milk into each bag. Then start putting the Oreos in a bowl. Once you’re done with that put the popsicle stick in each bag. Then for the last step is to freeze it for 2 hours and It should be done.