The Goblin Shark

By: Reagan Vaughn, Reporter

Goblin sharks live in the deep dark part of the ocean (the Midnight Zone). They are most commonly found off the coast of Japan. Since this is one of the newly discovered species of the deep, scientists don’t know much behavioral traits about this animal. However, they can infer that they are solitary like other sharks. The Goblin sharks snout has special organs that sense electric fields in the water. The Goblin shark has around the same coloration as a blob fish except they are a little more purple than them. They can weigh up to 460lbs and can be 12ft in length. Goblin sharks have an usual feature about the way they hunt because of how sluggish they are. Their mouth can stretch forward all the way to their nose and eat prey. They use this feature help sneak up on squids, crustaceans, and fish.