Dubai’s Palm Island


“Palm Island – Dubai” by Azizul Ameir is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

By: Abigail Chi, Reporter

The Dubai’s Palm Island are located on the coast land of Dubai. Completely man-made and finished in just under six years makes it one of the most incredible tourist attractions in the world. It was built in in 2001 but was not only just a beautiful tourist attraction but was a major engineering project and challenge. The United Arab Emirates is most famously known for making tremendous money off their oil production. The Vice president of the Arab Emirates and the ruler of Dubai is Sheikh Mohammed. Sheikh knew that their oil production wasn’t going to last forever making them loads of wealth. He wanted another way to keep Dubai as one of the wealthy countries on earth. Dubai was already at the time attracting many tourists with its luxurious hotel on the coast and many other unimaginable places. Sheikh Mohammed notice that his beaches were one of the most popular visited places. Gorgeous  weather stayed throughout the whole 12 months in a year.

There was a problem though. The coast of dubai is limited and even if you used every inch in the smartest way possible it just wasn’t enough to accompany all the tourists. Engineers from everywhere around took up the problem and when they settled on an agreement it was so bizarre it was beyond imagination. vice-president Mohammed wanted an artificial island 2.209 mi² large built in under ten years to house all the new ideas for attraction. A team of hand picked incredibly talented engineers from the netherlands were charged with the responsibility. Construction started in the summer of 2001 and they had to take multiple factors into account. The entire island had to be made of all natural equipment such as rock, gravel, sand, and many more.

Through the complete six years it took to finish this massive project, there were many things the engineering minds had to work with. Such as the winter waves crashing into the island station into the water underground. One small movement or misplacement of a 7 ton boulder would cause the island to come crashing down.

When the stupendous project was finally done malls and hotels were placed onto the impossible artificial creation. A stunning effort created and done marvelously. You can go visit the beautiful island today official named Palm Jumeirah and its neighbors Deria island, Palm Jebal Ali, and Bluewaters Island.