Hyper-Personalized Medication


By: Isabella Pelini, Reporter

Thanks to new tech hopeless cases may be a thing of the past. A hopeless case is a chronic condition or sickness that is very rare and is expected to end fatally because the curative treatment is unknown or not applicable. But that is going to change thanks to a new type of drug that can be catered to a person’s genealogy. If a very rare disease is caused by a DNA mistake (as thousands are) there’s now a chance for a genetic fix. One specific case would be Mila Makovec, a young girl suffering from an illness caused by a unique genetic mutation. She was able to receive a drug manufactured just for her. The treatment has yet to cure Mila but it has stabilized her condition, reducing her seizures and she has begun to walk and stand without assistance!  Her treatment was possible because generating a gene medicine has never been quicker or had a greater chance of working. This is a huge step for the medical field because of situations in the past where researchers would have said “I’m sorry.” they can now see solutions in the DNA and find ways they could help.

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