Why you Should Start Watching Demon Slayer Right Now


Demon Slayers only has only  26 episodes and 1 movie out right now. The show doesn’t even has a second season so if you start now you could say you been watching  since season one. Demon slayer is about a teenager named Tanjiro and his family. One day Tanjiro went into the village and left his family for the night he come home. Find his family dead expect for his sister named Nezuko who has become a demon. Tanjiro is on a mission to find a cure for demons. So her sister can become normal again.  He goes through training from his teacher Sakonji urokodaki. Tanjiro goes thought the Demon slayer test which is made for demon slayer.  Tanjiro when he takes the test he killed the demon who Killed all the student’s of Sakonji. Tanjiro passed with 3 other student’s there was 22 to begin with.  After passing the Demon slayer test he meet his teammates Inosuke and zenitsu. Well they fight one of the 12 demon. Which are the strongest demons in the world. Well that’s it for demon slayer there a movie out right now called Demon slayer:Kimetsu no Yabia.