Why Marvel Spider-Man Is Gonna Be Awesome


“Marvel’s Spider-Man” by Omegapepper is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Marvel Spider-Man 3 is the sequel of Spider-Man 2, “Far from Home”.  Spider-Man identity has been leaked in Spider-Man 2.  Mysterio leaked it to the daily bugle so Spider-ManMarvel's Spider-Man could be targeted.

Mysterio faked his death before he could have been actually be killed. Spider-Man is going to be targeted now, not just as Spider-Man but as Peter Parker too. Mysterio is probably still out there but we don’t know. The movie is most likely gonna be called “Home-Sick”. “Home-Coming” was the title of the first movie so “Home-Sick” is the 3rd.  Spider-Verse might be coming  to Spider-Man 3 that’s why this is gonna be awesome.