Edible Flowers


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By: Reagan Vaughn, Reporter

When you think of flowers, you imagine how they look, not how they taste. Their are some flowers that you can actually eat. Edible flowers include Marigolds, Alliums, Honeysuckles, and Daylilies. The first thing to do if you want edible flowers is to go to a florist or nearby flower shop. Once you buy edible flowers, plant them in soil near your house. You might even have some in your backyard. If your flowers are already cut at the stem, go to the link posted at the bottom to help you with what flower drinks and foods you should make. Once you plant them in soil, make sure your flowers aren’t sprayed with any insecticide, fungicide, or herbicide. Most planting experiences are easy with edible flowers so don’t use any of those sprays on them. Although edible flowers taste really good when they are eaten raw, there is a bunch of delicious recipes to cook from.