Cobra Kai is Underrated

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Cobra Kai is so underrated and here’s why.  Cobra Kai is about a teenager named Miguel.  He learns karate from the antagonist Johnny Lawrence.  Johnny Lawrence was the character from the first Karate Kid movie.  In Cobra Kai, Johnny Lawrence is now Miguel’s sensei.   A sensei is a teacher/coach of a Ninja or Karate student.

Miguel is a teenager who was getting bullied but his sensei thought him karate. Which lead to the brand new re opening of the Dojo Cobra Kai, which was awesome.

Remember that Daniel Larusso the protagonist in the original movie is in this show.  When he hears that Cobra Kai reopens he is in shock.  He taught Johnny changed and here’s why. In the ending of karate kid Johnny loses to a injured Daniel Larusso. Which gives Johnny second place. which Johnny’s sensei hates losing so he discipline Johnny. Kreese puts Johnny in a choke hold but. Theirs a line where discipline  becomes Abuse. Right before Kreese  could hut him badly. Daniel’s sensei Mr. Miyagi Stops kreese but kreese gets mad so they fight Sensei vs sensei. After that fight Kreese came out with bloody knuckles. When kreese tried punching Mr. Miyagi he missed. Which lead to Kreese punch a car window we never saw Johnny until this show. This Show I continuation  of that movie. Let’s say 20 years after that .This show is great with story telling and so much more you should watch January 8th Season 3 premiers on Netflix  .