If Birds Couldn’t Fly


Source: unknown

“Birds of Prey” by DrBartje is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Rafik Chakoui, Reporter

Birds are a unique animal that are warm-blooded.  They can fly high with their wings. But what if they didn’t have wings?  How would it change our lives?  How would it change theirs? Well find out by reading this story!

Birds Life and Impact:

Birds are only special or what makes them unique is their ability of flying. Birds hunt food with their knowledge and their ability to fly in and catch food. Without wings they would be easy prey to foxes, bob cats etc. Because they have no way to escape. This would affect their lives harshly.  With no way to escape, no good ability to hunt they would have to dig under the ground to lay eggs.  Birds can’t dig that well so it would be hard and other creatures could eat those eggs, such as rats, snakes, and bullfrogs.

Human impact:

Us humans have lived for over millions if not billions of years. Then in December 17th 1903 planes were invented. But what inspired us humans? Well for many other reasons but why do planes look like birds?  Two wings a body and a head.  Planes look like birds. Well birds could fly and people wanted to fly, so the idea of airplanes and the wings all came from the birds. But what if I told you that what if birds never had wings?  What would planes look like?