El Duende (El tata duende)


“El duende” by baxtian is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Cindy Portillo Chavez, Reporter

This story is about something or someone called el duende. It’s a legend my grandma would tell me if I ever went to centural america to be careful of the legend called el duende. She would tell me not to wear a lot of gold cause that’s what the duende would mostly come for she would tell me not to be by rivers  because that’s where kids would get lost. The goblin would be in the waters then pop up and steel the child. There’s a lot of things that he liked but one thing that was weird is that he could make people go crazy. Crazy in a way where someone would see him run after him then the goblin would just turn them crazy and when there family found the person they wouldn’t say a word they’d just be traumatized. So next time you want to go to centural america beware of EL DUENDE