How Naruto Got Popular


“naruto wallpaper” by bwana is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

By: Ahmed Hersi, Reporter

So one afternoon Masahi Kishimoto decided to draw and bam! Naruto came alive. Naruto is about how a kid who came from nothing.  He had everything and had many obstacles such as he is an orphan, everyone in the village hates him, his sensei (who was very close to him) dies and many more and his son Boruto who has his own show with many obstacles but that’s for another time so back to Naruto.

Naruto is a manga which is basically Japanese comics and have this really cool art style so Naruto has been a inspiration to many people young and old alike cause a kid like Naruto who had nothing who worked so hard and saved the world and had everything. Japan gas multiple anime and Naruto got really popular cause the main plot. There are fans all around the world.

Every Naruto character has a purpose and most of the characters are based off famous people, one character is rock lee he is based off Bruce lee the (marital artist).The two main character’s  Sasuke and Naruto they both had really troubled pasts, Naruto never had anyone to love but Sasuke had a brother mom, dad and a whole clan and lost it all. Nobody knew what these two would have become.