“The Ghost in You” by mandolin davis is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Are ghost real? I bet half of you reading might say no, they are not, and I  bet the author half might yes, they are real. Please keep reading if  you love ghosts


I think we all know what ghosts are ghost or spirit is a dead person who interacts with the living world. Ghosts might stay in this world for unfinish work, like visiting their family one last or want the living help  or they might be bad ghosts like that demon that possess the doll Annabelle, whatever the reason is  we all know that their hunting are scary

Ghosts Hunter

their are people who hunt ghosts their are call Ghosts hunters. Ghosts hunters  locating and repowering about paranormal activity. Ghosts Hunters use a  variety of  electronic devices, like  night vision crammers , digital video cameras, more . There Ghost hunting was popularized in the 2000s by television series such as Most hunted which combined with the increasing availability of high-tech equipment.

Most hunted

Speaking of most hunted New Orleans is the most hunted state in the US because the 1800s voodoo queen of New Orleans. To this day visitors go to the grave of a prominent 1800s voodoo quean continue to leave offerings and ask for help. With New Orleans the most hunted states are Galveston, Texas, Gettysburg, Pa, Athens, Ohio ,San Francisco and more (the link is in Related story’s)

that’s all for today Happy Halloween