The Mirror Fitness Training

The Mirror Fitness Machine Image Credit:

By: Drew McKeen, Journalist

The Mirror is the latest in fitness technology. You put it up on your wall like a regular mirror but it has an LCD screen where you can stream dozens of fitness classes in a wide range of areas of fitness and training. It is operated using an app and you can connect a Bluetooth heart tracker or apple watch to optimize the experience. It is interactive, compact, and looks just like a mirror when not in use. It revolutionizes fitness training and takes the gym to you.  You can also get an advanced membership where instructors can see and comment on your techniques to help you improve. You can do solo classes/lessons or work in a group, depending on your fitness preference.


This relates to engineering because the engineers at mirror had to develop an interactive, high definition screen and then make it compact. They then had to create a platform from which the trainers connect with the members of their classes. This all relates to and is done by engineering.






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