Kusarigama–an Antique Japanese Weapon

A Japanese weapon with a weight, sickle, and chain.


By: Hannah Bang, Journalist

File:Kusarigama(chain-sickle) and Jitte used by Ninja at Kusuri gakushukan(medichine museum) , Koka.jpg
“File:Kusarigama(chain-sickle) and Jitte used by Ninja at Kusuri gakushukan(medichine museum) , Koka.jpg” by Motokoka is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

The Kusarigama is a Japanese weapon that was originally used for self-defense for non-samurai’s, but eventually expanded to ninjas.

The weapon is composed of a sickle and weight attached by a chain. The weight would be used to trap the enemy by coiling around them or render his/her weapon useless. The sickle would then be used to finish off the enemy.


(Photo used with permission.)

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