The Midi Fighter: A new way to make music.


An image of musician Shawn Wasabi performing “Marble Soda” on a Midi Fighter 64. Credit: The Verge

By: Julia Clavecillas, Journalist

Modern technology has taken over most of our lives. Technology has also affected music and musicians, in more ways than just being able to produce remixes and new beats. Some musicians and DJ’s are now turning to new modern technological instruments, one of which is the Midi Fighter.

Midi Fighters are controllers specially made for DJ’s and performers. The reliable instrument is well-built and made  to survive through on-stage and in-studio beatings and finger-drumming sessions. The controller buttons have rapid playback for fast finger-drumming, and the bright button LEDs allow musicians to produce stunning light-shows while performing. The main types of Midi Fighters include the Midi Fighter Twister, the Midi Fighter 3D, the Midi Fighter Spectra, and the Midi Fighter 64. One musician, who helped develop the Midi Fighter 64, is the American record producer Shawn Wasabi. Shawn Wasabi made the song “Pizza Rolls” on the Midi Fighter 3D, and he also made the song “Mac n’ Cheese” using the Midi Fighter 3D and the Midi Fighter Spectra. When Shawn asked engineer Michael Mitchell of the company DJTechTools to make a 64-button Midi Fighter for more playing possibilities, he agreed. It was called the Midi Fighter 64. Soon many people also wanted to have their own Midi Fighter 64, and DJTechTools decided to make 1,000 hand-made Midi Fighter 64’s. Some of Shawn’s most popular songs on the Midi Fighter 64 include “Marble Soda”, “Marble Tea”, and “Burnt Rice”.

This relates to engineering because the Midi Fighter 64 was engineered as a solution for the limited keys of the Midi Fighter 3D. Shawn Wasabi and Michael Mitchell collaborated and both helped design, build, and improve the Midi Fighter 64.

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