The Solution to Comfortable Mid Day Relaxation, Pillowdy


Person using new jacket with built in neck pillow.

By: Sam Ross, Journalist

This sweatshirt or windbreaker might be the perfect way to combine neck pillows with a usable solution. The creators found a way to put a pillow in a sweatshirt that can adjust to the user and fits all sizes. Have you ever wanted nothing more than a nice neck pillow? Either at the office typing sentence over sentence or driving home with a neck that will not stop aching! A neck pillow would be great, right? But who wants to be the person walking around town with a neck pillow swinging back and forth, hitting people! Well, other people thought of this too and wanted a solution. They tried to do this by adding a tube in the upper pocket to blow up the hood to make your pillow. And when you want to deflate it, you open the tube up and push all the air out of the tube. This converts it into a normal-looking hoodie again! Both designers and engineers must have been brought in to make this. The engineering had to be very sophisticated to make sure it could be inflated and deflated without sticking together. They also had to find a way to fit a tube into a sweatshirt that you could not see was any different.

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