Theranica Nerivio – A Product That Will Zap Your Migraines Away!

a Migraine Headache Relief

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By: Sofia Sarria, Journalist

Nerivio is a innovative remote electrical neuromodulation, also known as REN, that is applied to the upper arm for migraine relief. Nerivio is the first ever smartphone-controlled migraine product, which is controlled by an app that provides treatment just for you and keeps track of the frequency of the migraines. If the patient feels a migraine starting, they must apply Nerivio within one hour of when they first felt the pain. With Nerivio, the patient can choose between various intensity levels, depending on how strong their migraine is. Nerivio is also drug free, non-invasive, non-addictive, and non-pharmacological. A report using Nerivio was preformed on 202 participants that all have <12 migraines per month. In the experiment, 66.7% of patients achieve pain relief at 2 hours and 37.4% of patients achieve pain freedom. Nerivio is a great method to take away your migraine pain in an effective, safe way, that is FDA approved.


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