3 Ways to Deal with Your Siblings

3 Ways to Deal with Your Siblings

By: Evan Huynh, Journalist

You know those times when you are relaxing, on a phone call with a friend, or when you’re just trying to have your free time? Then your sibling comes in and starts bothering you and you just want them to stop but they don’t? Then when you do something to them, you get in trouble and you just hate that feeling of when you’re in trouble but you’re not at fault for what you did? Here are some ways to control your siblings without needing to hit them or get in trouble.

1. Just Ignore Them

When you’re relaxing or doing what you’re doing and your sibling(s) come in and start annoying you,all you need to do is ignore them because if you end up hitting them,you end up being the one in trouble because they start crying then your parents come in and see you okay but your sibling(s) on the floor crying or if they don’t start crying,they go to your parents and tell them.

2.Go To A Different Place

When you’re trying to ignore your sibling(s) and it doesn’t end up working,just move to another place because you’re getting away from them and hopefully they don’t follow you around.When you move away from them,most of the time they wont follow you.

3.Distract Yourself

After you have moved away from your sibling(s) you need to do something with yourself so that if they do end up following you,you are distracted by what you are doing and when you pay no attention,they will end up losing interest in trying to make you mad.

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