Zombie Apocalypse Starting Days


Could we Survive the zombie apocalypse? By second thought the youtube channel.

The zombie apocalypse is an interesting topic for many reasons. Today i’m going to be telling you about how to survive your first days in this so-called apocalypse.

The zombie apocalypse, known for brutal donditions, and, of course, zombies. For your best safety, you should follow these tips:
1. Don’t go near huge places with no clear escape route. Death traps, I tell you.

2. Always, and I mean always, carry a weapon. Whether it’s a melee weapon, or long range, it doesn’t matter, always carry a weapon.

3. Gather a group. You’re antisocial, I get it, then die alone. Get a group, it’s the only chance of survival

4. Before the zombie apocalypse happens, or before it gets to you, scout out a location to rendezvous wit your group.

5. As you might’ve guessed, assemble your group before the apocalypse.

6. Gather food and water supplies before it runs out. They will run out, trust me.

7. Claim your territory and defend it, whether from humans, or zombies.

8. Always clear out an area to see anyone – or anything – coming at you.

9. Camps are OK, if you don’t find a good spot right away, and this is where the team comes in, have people take watch overnight, with shifts to make sure no zombies attack you.

10. Build what you need, start researching today what you think you will need to be able to make in order to survive.

This relates to engineering because to survive in the zombie apocalypse, you have to create and maintain things that will help you survive, and keep you alive.

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