Can Dogs Read Our Emotions?



By: Melissa Ducar, Journalist

Have you ever wondered if your tail-wagging best friend can read your emotions? The answer is yes! There has been many studies done to show that on some levels your furry friend can sense your emotion.

Researchers found that by combining information from the dogs different senses, they can visualize the representation of positive and negative emotions shown by people.The University of Lincoln and The University of Sao Paulo did a study that shows that dogs can use two different sources of sensory information to process the emotion in both humans and dogs. Another study was shown that dogs can combine their listening and sight to match happy and angry human faces with happy and angry voices.

How it’s related to engineering:

There were many cameras used to record the dogs reactions,computers to scan the photos and project them to the dogs, and much more technology used to come to a solution for the studies.


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