Geese Problems

By: Yahir Rajo-Carballo

Our Plan

From the beginning, we thought about creating a fountain for the courtyard; doing this would stop the geese problem. Its been pretty hard finding a solution, so we went straight to the problem, stopping the geese. In order to solve this problem, all we needed to do was scare away the geese, so we decided to scrap the fountain and install motion sensor sprayers. By doing this it will be cheaper and more convenient for the school. There are many websites, as listed below, that can help you get rid of your geese problems.

Go Geese Go

This website has lots of very creative advise and ideas on how to get rid of geese. If you don’t want to hurt the geese there are many ways to getting rid of them. One of the most important steps is to get rid of them before they get comfortable or settle down, that way they won’t have a reason to return. First make sure to get rid of anything a goose might like such as bird feed or wildlife feeders. Second try using goose repellent on your lawn. Click the link below for more information:

Avian Enterprises

Some pretty simple ways get rid of geese are all in this website. Just putting a decoy of a predator can scare them away from your house. Startling them with loud noise could also work to scare them but you might get complaints from your neighbors. Planting tall grass can make the geese paranoid or predators lurking near them making them leave. One the most less effective methods would be building a fence, it might work but its really unlikely.

Away With Geese

With this website’s product getting rid of geese is pretty easy with a 97% success rate. This products prevents geese from sleeping by flashing a light repeatedly. unable to sleep the geese are forced to find a new habitat.