Edible Food Wrappers


Edible Food Wrappers

By: Tommy Tran, Journalist

Millions of plastic are dumped into the ocean each year. These edible food wrappers are an attempt to reduce the plastic waste in our world. At the U.S. Department of Agriculture, two researchers created a milk protein film that is edible. Scientists Peggy Tomasula and Laetitia Bonnaillie are behind this product.

Casein, milk proteins that have a lot of nutrition is a key factor in the film coating. It is also more effective than regular plastic wrap at protecting food from being spoiled. Even with these benefits, there are some downsides and obstacles to pass as well. At first, the film would probably only be used for dairy products or products that can be used with dairy. People with allergies to milk could also be another issue. There is a lot of room for improvement still.