Snorelax – The Anti-Snoring Adhesive Strip


Picture of the strips.

Multiple people try to use different devices to stop their snoring, such as nose plugs, masks, and mouth pieces. None of them have worked effectively and are uncomfortable, until Snorelax was invented.

Snorelax is an adhesive strip that helps you stop snoring at night. The strip lays on your cheeks where it pushes on your jaws, but not too hard. It allows you to breathe normally, without the “turbulence and vibration” that causes the snoring sound. The strips have multiple layers, ensuring comfort while you sleep. The top layer is made of hypoallergenic cotton for comfort, the middle layer makes sure that the strip doesn’t fall apart, no matter how much you move, and the last layer is the adhesive layer to keep the strip on your face.

This product relates to engineering because the strips were made and innovated by engineers. The engineers had to research about snoring and had to make the strips and test them.

This website provides more information about Snorelax.
This video shows the effects of Snorelax and how to apply them.