ZipStitch: The Miracle Bandage


ZipStitch is a bandage that allows you to close medium-sized wounds without getting any stitches. ZipStitch is “the only surgical-quality wound closure device available without a prescription.” It allows you to save a trip to the ER, especially if you’re out in the country.

To use ZipStitch, you must make sure that the wound is no more than 1.5 inches long and 1/8 inches wide. Anything bigger must be taken care of professionally at the ER. If not, you must clean the wound by washing it or using an alcohol wipe and then dry it. After that, line up the ZipStitch and remove the adhesive lining on the sides. Make sure that the wound is in the center. Then, start pulling the tabs to tighten but don’t tighten it too much, only enough to close the wound. Cut the excessive tabs off and cover the wound to reduce infection.

This invention relates to engineering because this bandage relates to biomedical engineering. People had to measure the bandage and make sure that it worked properly.

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This is how you apply ZipStitch.