The DrinKup Smart Water Bottle


By: Duncan Kelleher

Do you have trouble drinking the amount of water you should? Now with the DrinKup’s help you don’t have to worry about remembering to drink a healthy amount of water. The DrinKup is a water bottle with a weight sensor, that measures how much water you drink throughout the day. The DrinKup also sends reminders to drink water through the app. Even your water intake is displayed in the app along with you drinks temperature and how much is left.

drinkup water bottle

The DrinKup is easy to hand wash, has a charge life of several months, and keeps drinks warm up to 12 hours and cool up to 24 hours. The bottle can take a beating thanks to the stainless steel it is made out of.  The DrinKup has been engineered to make it aesthetically pleasing and to be as functional as possible. The bottle has to do with engineering because it was most likely made by a machine so it could be mass produced and because DrinKup was also created to look like a normal water bottle.