The Smart Pet Door

The Smart Pet Door

By: Duncan Kelleher

Introducing SureFlap, a new way to let your pet go outside. The SureFlap is a smart door that you just install in your door or any wall. Using a hub and your pets microchip your pet can go outside when ever it wants, but the SureFlap keeps other animals out. It works by scanning your pets microchip if it matches the microchip it was programmed with then the door will unlock allowing your pet to go inside without you lifting a finger. With a long battery life you don’t have to worry about SureFlap’s battery dying while your pet is still outside.

product dimension diagram

Cat walking through cat flap in glass



This invention is perfect for the people with very busy lives and not enough time to let your pet in and outside. You even can get notified when your pet enters and leaves your house, SureFlap even lets you set up curfews and lock or open the door remotely.  This has to do with engineering because the design of SureFlap was not just a guess and check they made blueprints of the design and measured multiple times and finally they got the design just right. Though, I doubt they are done designing it because they want it to keep improving.