New Research Might End The Flu Shots


By: Estephany Espinoza-Tobar

It’s the time of the year again,The flu season kills tens of thousands of people every year and is a major drain on medical and economic resources. If you are young and healthy you think it the normal routine and don’t think that it could kill you. You probably do not get the flu shot every year like you should but most people don’t. The modern flu vaccine has a lot of problems,even if you get the shot it doesn’t really mean you won’t get the virus that year. If a scientists get that prediction wrong then that will be prevalent in a given year long before any outbreaks actually happen to have enough vaccine available and the vaccine’s no better than a placebo. Even when scientists do correctly predict the problematic strains,there is no vaccine stronger that could last all flu season.  A Chinese American team at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA has developed a novel vaccine candidate that could be the end of the seasonal flu vaccine.

This relates to engineering because the scientists work hard to find the way to help vaccines improve and they need to change. This also relates to engineering because the scientist try to make the vaccine good for flu season many year to come.