New Medicine That Can Increase The Speed Of Wounds Healing.

By: Sree Koganti

New Regenerative Hydrogel Could Accelerate the Healing of Wounds

A group called UNH was able to develop a medicine that goes in your body to heal and cure injuries faster. Its a mixture of gelatin micro gels and enzymes, or the same thing your body provides to heal skin or tissue injuries. Making them takes the body an extremely longtime and it can some times lead to infection due to the fact that you body is putting all its energy into closing that wound. This medicine also fights off infections and it doesn’t over-work the body since it is supplying it with the materials it needs. Medical scientists are tying to infuse this technology with Nano machines so they can use it to deploy in a human body. The electronic components required for this would be at an enormous cost due to the fact that micro processors are hard to get. But going back to the topic, The injection given with the gelatin micro bugs and other stuff can be a new revolutionary to human kind. However it is not yet patented even though experiments have been run though that show it is eligible for people to use.