7 Travel Caravans


By: Estephany Espinoza-Tobar

As winter comes many people are trying to stay warm and think about the summer. If you feel like this you should buy one of these caravans or as known to people RV. The first on the list is Mehreller,which looks like an igloo. The Mehrzeller is a highly customization multicellular caravan. Which was made by the the architecture company NONSTANDARD. The price depends on the design you pick. The second on the list is the Sealander, The Sealander only weighs 380 kilograms and it includes a sink,  cool box, removal roof , camping toilet, and two berths for sleeping. When lowered into the water the Sealander turns into a motorboat. The last on the list is the Tiny Heirloom. The Tiny Heirloom is really a house on wheels. The Tiny House takes camping to the next level. The Tiny House have amenities like a fully functional bathroom, a kitchen with a fridge and a dinning table. The team that designed the Tiny Heirloom said that we partner with each client and together we start with a blank page to create a tiny house that is as unique as they are. The Tiny Heirloom mixes various design styles to bring customers dream camper to life.


This relates to engineering because the team or people who designed the caravans (or RVs) had taken the time to build and plan how they wanted the caravans to work and look. This also relates to engineering because the designers had people make the actually made the model and tried it again and again till it actually worked.