E-Ink Tattoo Machine

E-Ink Tattoo Machine

By: Charlie Ackla

Do you ever wonder about getting a tattoo when you grow up? Your parents tell you not to get one because the process is painful and is permanent. And if you’re an adult and already have a tattoo, do you like it? Do you think there is no way to remove it except for paying a tattoo remover? WRONG!!! I’m talking about the worlds first E ink tattoo machine. MoodINQ was invented to revolutionize the world of tattoos. It is used with a special “canvas” that has to be implanted in your skin. Arm, leg, back, wherever you want the tattoo. Then, you download the app. Finally, you choose the type of tattoo you want and click it. Oops, this one is the wrong one, I wanted a different one. So, you click the one you want and it changes the old tattoo into the new one. It can even display moving tattoos. Going for your morning run? Give yourself the tattoo that tells you what time it is, how many miles you’ve run, and your heart rate! Forget checking your watch for the time, check your wrist. You can even keep your grocery list on your arm! See for yourself.




MoodINQ is now $149.99. The revolutionary sub dermal bi-stable 2 pigment E Ink display system is implanted using the same method by which permanent tattoos are implanted. By placing the E Ink micro capsules right below the epidermis, the color-switching capsules can be seen through the skin, creating a gray-scale display along a 4-inch by 6-inch area of the forearm.

As you can see there are many areas of application for the E Ink tattoo technology. They’ve been trialing this for the last half-year, and are excited to be releasing it as a product over the coming months. The product will be delivered as a surgery kit that can be implanted by any tattoo artists with a basic medical background. Get ready for the E Ink Tattoo revolution!


Strava tattoo integration 

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