Kenguru the Car for People in Wheelchairs


By: Anna Burger, Journalist

Kenguru is a car specifically designed for people in wheelchairs to drive. This car is pretty compact and allows people with manual wheelchairs to drive it. The Kenguru car is electric, so you have to charge it before using it.  The top speed for this car is 25 mph and 60 miles with a full overnight charge. The trunk on the car opens to get into the car, and a slanted ramp comes out. This car is 20,000 dollars, and the company that invented Kenguru is planning on making a car for people in electric wheelchairs, which will cost about 30,000 dollars.

This car is related to engineering because it uses engineered technology and equipment to make the car and use the car. Someone had to design the car to be compact and big enough to allow a person with a wheelchair in the car. The way the door opens and the ramp comes out is also engineered. There is no steering wheel; it has only one controller that you push down on buttons and twist to operate the car.