By: Anika Gupta, Journalist

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 253 million people in the world are blind. However, the majority of these people, 85%, are not completely blind. The eSight was made for these 202.4 million people.

The eSight is a light, portable electronic glasses that let the partially blind see better. It consists of a headset, carrier frames, and a processing unit. The high-resolution camera in the headset captures what a user is looking at and sends a video feed to a powerful computer in the processing unit of the glasses. The computer then enhances the video using various algorithms. After that, the feed is projected in color on the two near-to-eye OLED (organic light-emitting diode) in the headset. This whole process occurs almost instantaneously so the user can see what they are looking at in real-time.

This involved many engineers and scientists on their Visioneer team that worked together to create eSight and make sure the processing unit worked efficiently. In the future, this product will be available to more people and might even be applied to help completely blind people. So watch out for the eSight glasses!