Polluting Ocean Effects

By: Andrea Lizama, Journalist
We can do somethings to help.
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Throwing Trash into Space?

By: Evan Nanthavong , Reporter
While launching our trash into space could be extremely beneficial to us, there are 2 main problems.
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Water Cleaning Drones

Water Cleaning Drones

http://auvac.org/newsitems/view/1659 Fourteen billion pounds of trash is dumped into the ocean each year—90 percent of which is plastic. That percentage has been increasing at a rate of about 10 percent...

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Source: World Wildlife Fund

Pollution: The Discreet Killer

Pollution, whether it's water, air, or soil, is responsible for one-sixth of premature deaths across the world. This number is concentrated among the poorest people and the most polluted countries like...

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