NASA has Found Water on the Sunlit Part of the Moon

This new discovery could have serious effects on space travel in the future. For example, a lunar colony is much more likely. Moon exploration might happen sooner. NASA says that they will try to send another person to the moon by 2024. They are also thinking of making a safe and sustainable colony on the moon bye the end of the decade.
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What is it Like On Mars?

Looking at Mars, it's a very stunning red planet. It's the fourth planet away from the Sun which is about 140 million miles away. But have you ever what is it like on Mars? If so, this is a great article...

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Why Is NASA Not Sending People To Mars Yet?

NASA has big plans of sending things to Mars, such as voyages, and spaceships that can track detail. They even discovered water to be on Mars. Although why aren't people going to mars to do investigation...

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NASA Mission Reveals That Mars is Seismically Active

Earth isn't the only planet that's quaking these days.
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Drawing of four nuclear generators on Mars

Nuclear Power: The Key to Getting Energy on Mars

NASA scientists recently discovered a brand new, super effective way to power life on Mars.
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