5 Tips On Building Your First PC

Have you ever wanted to build a pc but you didn't know how? Well Here are some tips and a link from an awesome tutorial.
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How to Make Your Own Soft Plastic Lure

Here is how make a Soft Plastic Lure Step by step Materials needed: A mold, plastisol, coloring, sparkle/glitter optional    Injector if using a injector mold. Step 1. Shake plastisol for a minute...

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How to make your own Fishing Spoon

This is how to make your very own fishing spoon step by step. Materials Needed  1 spoon, split shot, hooks, Saw, Sand paper, Drill Step 1 Grab your spoon and cut the handle off using the saw. Step...

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How to Make Your Own Fishing Jig

This is how to make a fishing jig step by step. Materials/items needed Lead ingots, 1 Melting Pot, 1 Jig head mold, Hooks, Powder paint, Pliers,1 heat gun with temp control.   Step 1....

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