The Sea

Cormiere, Zoe. Bobbit Worm. Digital image. Web. 22 Mar. 2021.

Giant Sand Worm Fossil’s Proves Fact Is Crazier Then Fiction

By: Lucas Georgelas, Journalist
Giant sand worms, originally thought to be fiction. Have been proven to had exist 20 million years ago.
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Polluting Ocean Effects

By: Andrea Lizama, Journalist
We can do somethings to help.
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The Plan To Refreeze the Artic

By: Edgar Alvarado, Reporter
A team of Designers plan on building a submarine like vessel to combat global warming by refreezing the Artic Ice caps.
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Super yacht

A Billionaire Saving the Oceans with His Super Yacht

By: Grady Clipper, Journalist
There is an oil billionaire who is trying to make a world a better place just by himself. He is thinking it will help save the oceans.
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The Coelacanth: A Fish that Came Back to Life, or a Living Fossil?

By: Julia Clavecillas, Reporter
The Coelacanth is not one of the most-well known ocean creature. That is because scientists once thought that Coelacanths were extinct. 
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How Whales Evolved from the Land

By: Benita Xavier, Journalist
Whales are the animals not only the in the sea, but in the entire planet. But the species they've evolved from, not so much.
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Scientists Discover Coral Reef Taller Than The Empire State Building in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

By: Khira Reavis, Reporter
Recently discovered, an enormous 1600 foot tall coral reef was found in Australia's Great Barrier Reef. The Empire State Building is only 1,250 feet which makes the newly found coral reef dominate it in comparison.
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The Mysteries Of The Bermuda Triangle

By: Sophie Veas, Reporter
Over 100 disappearances of ships and planes.
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Rubber Ducks Lost At Sea

By: Victoria Pham, Reporter
A shipping container with 28,000 rubber ducks lost in the North Pacific.
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Blobfish: The World’s Ugliest Animal

By: Isabella Phillips, Journalist

Blobfish have officially been titled "The World's Ugliest Animal." But that doesn't mean they aren't mysterious, magical beings of the depths. In fact, blobfish are quite undiscovered. It is not known...

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Bioluminescent Bacteria

What is Bioluminescent bacteria? Bioluminescent bacteria is a light produced bacteria, that is often found in sea water, on top of decomposing fish, or in the gut of sea animals, on the bottom of the ocean...

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The Harpoon

The Harpoon

By: Trevor Nothdurft, Journalist

The harpoon can be used in different ways thrown, fired.  The harpoon is known to be used to hunt water animals mostly whale and fish.  The harpoon can also be known as a spear. A harpoon has sharp...

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The Sea