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What To Know Before Getting A Dog

By: Peyton Danner, Journalist
Over 45 percent of American households own at least one dog as a pet.
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The Peregrine Falcon

By: Zekarias Delelegn , Reporter
The Peregrine Falcon is a type of bird that comes from the Falco Peregrine species. They are most commonly known as being the fastest animal on earth, due to them reaching 240 mph while diving to catch it's prey.
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Are Seals Endangered?

By: Abigail Romero, Reporter
Yes, seals are endangered because of many things, like, poaching, hunting, pollution, and many other factors.
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Robot Chick in Disguise

By: Markus Merrill, Reporter
Do you wonder how we understand animals when humans are not present? If you were a robot in disguise, you might know the answer.
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Image Source Pedro Lopez

Guide Dogs Are Related to Technology How?

By: Pedro Lopez, Reporter
David Roberts is a guy who helped make this thing called smart collars and smart vests. This collects the light from the outside, pressure, temperature, heart rate of the dog, and activity levels of the dog, and humidity of the dog. With this information, it can save thousands and thousands of dollars in training.
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What’s Happening to the Polar Bears?

By: Kalkidan Legesse, Reporter
When it comes to sea ice, 95% of the oldest and thickest ice in the artic is already gone. 
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3 Endangered Animals

By: Nazli Pazhouhfam, Reporter

There are a lot of animals that are endangered but today we will be talking about the top 3, the Javan rhinoceros, the Vaquita, and the Mountain gorilla. Javan rhinoceros Javan rhinoceros are becoming...

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Credit: Peter Schuchert/The Hydrozoa Directory

Immortal Jellyfish – The Animal That Can Reverse Time

By: Shrey Sharma, Reporter
This astonishing animal has the power to reverse its own life cycle, turning back into a larva.
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By: Donis Ramirez Gonzalez, Reporter
Hawks are a group of medium-sized diurnal raptors in the family of birds such as Accipitridae.
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How Whales Evolved from the Land

By: Benita Xavier, Journalist
Whales are the animals not only the in the sea, but in the entire planet. But the species they've evolved from, not so much.
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Scientists Discover Coral Reef Taller Than The Empire State Building in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

By: Khira Reavis, Reporter
Recently discovered, an enormous 1600 foot tall coral reef was found in Australia's Great Barrier Reef. The Empire State Building is only 1,250 feet which makes the newly found coral reef dominate it in comparison.
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The Goblin Shark

By: Reagan Vaughn, Reporter
Goblin sharks live in the deep dark part of the ocean (the Midnight Zone).
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