Environmental Engineering is the application of engineering principles to improve and maintain the environment for the protection of human health and at-risk ecosystems.

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Flying Taxis as Future Transportation

By: Hayden Frost, Journalist
Flying taxis are important because they are a new form of transportation that is more clean, cheaper, faster, and possibly a big change to our transportation system in the future, it could possibly change the whole taxi industry.
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The Plan To Refreeze the Artic

By: Edgar Alvarado, Reporter
A team of Designers plan on building a submarine like vessel to combat global warming by refreezing the Artic Ice caps.
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All About Cave of the Winds

By: Dominik Rudnicki, Reporter
This is Cave of the Winds, and how it's decks were built.
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More And More DC-Area Bus Systems Are Moving Toward Electric Fleets

By: Alex Bundics, Journalist
Even bus systems that are yet to introduce electric buses to their fleets are expected to begin to do so in the near future, and many systems already have hybrid electric buses, which is an important step toward fully electric buses.
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Super yacht

A Billionaire Saving the Oceans with His Super Yacht

By: Grady Clipper, Journalist
There is an oil billionaire who is trying to make a world a better place just by himself. He is thinking it will help save the oceans.
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The Effect of Pesticides on the Environment

By: Aidan Musgrove, Journalist
Many arguments have been raised about pesticides - does it harm the environment or does it help farmers make money? The answer is both, but first we should explain what organic foods are.
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Renewable Biomass Energy

By: Abigail Romero, Reporter
Biofuel is any fuel that is made from organic matter/biomass, and is used as transportation fuel and to generate electricity and produce heat.  Biomass gets its energy from the sun because it is organic matter, and is used to make biofuel, electricity, and produce heat as well.
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Are Seals Endangered?

By: Abigail Romero, Reporter
Yes, seals are endangered because of many things, like, poaching, hunting, pollution, and many other factors.
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Robot Chick in Disguise

By: Markus Merrill, Reporter
Do you wonder how we understand animals when humans are not present? If you were a robot in disguise, you might know the answer.
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Geoengineering and How It Might Help Us

By: Benita Xavier, Journalist
Global warming —the increase in temperature of the earth because of the large amount of greenhouse gases produced by factories— has and is a concern in society that's continued for so long that scientists are starting to think that stopping the greenhouse gas production isn't going to fix the dilemma anymore. One thing they do think will solve the problem is geoengineering.
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The Ocean Cleanup

By: Caden Mitchell, Reporter
The Ocean Cleanup's dream is to clean the oceans of plastic starting with the Great Pacific Garbage Patch... with engineering.
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How Does A Fish Farm Work?

By: Tomi Vacca, Journalist
More than half of all consumed fish on the planet are farmed all over the world. But how are they farmed?
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