Coleopter: A potentially revolutionary invention ends in disaster.

By: Trey Gagermeier, Journalist
In the 1950s French and American aerospace engineers developed their own tail sitting aircrafts.
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F-86 Sabre

By: Joe Lam, Journalist
Armaments: six 12.7mm Browning machine guns (or four 20mm cannons for later variants) and two 1000 pounds bombs or sixteen 5 inch rockets.
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SkyDrive Public Relations Co., Ltd.

Flying Taxis as Future Transportation

By: Hayden Frost, Journalist
Flying taxis are important because they are a new form of transportation that is more clean, cheaper, faster, and possibly a big change to our transportation system in the future, it could possibly change the whole taxi industry.
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The Dubai International Airport

The Dubai International Airport

By: Zach Bloom, Journalist
The airport is already the biggest in the world and this extension is only going to make it larger.
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Iron-Man flight suit. Titanium printed

Titanium Iron-Man Suit

By: Aidan Bishop, Journalist
3D printed flying Iron-Man suit. It's not a myth anymore.
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Image Source:  The State Council Information Office, The People's Republic of China

China’s Mega Airport

By: Isaac Villa Marin, Journalist
This is a story of the second international airport ion Beijing, and the process they made it and the benefits it will bring.
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Jetpack Training Ground

By: Stewart Perez-Soto, Reporter
Do you want to learn how to use a jetpack? Then watch these videos to find out.
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Boeing 777x

By: Eric Yang, Writer
The new Boeing 777x has taken to the skies and is quickly going to change planes as we see them today.
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By: Zakaria Najmeddine, Journalist
A jetpack is a device that uses gas to fly/hover in the air. People are starting to be able to put propellers on their hand and fly
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Tesla Electric Plane

Tesla Electric Airplane

By: Dmitri Golden, Writer
This plane would be capable of taking of and landing vertically a feature known as VTOL, it would also be capable of flying at supersonic speeds at high altitudes.
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The US’s New 6th Generation Fighter Jet

By: Abhi Palikala, Reporter
The 6th generation jet fighter comes with the most advanced (radical even) technology to date.
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Flying Boats

Flying boats or seaplanes are planes that can land on water with usually no type of landing gear. Flying boats were some of the biggest aircrafts during the first half of the 20th century. They were especially an advantage during World War II.
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