This section of the Jackson Journal is about everything related to the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots.

How Do Mines Work?

By: Brian Mazariegos , Reporter

The way mines work is to hurt or destroy something or someone, there are two kinds of mines there are anti-personnel mines and anti-tank or anti-vehicle mines. Mines or mostly used on the defend army or...

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Robotic Venus Flytrap

By: Arnutchay Sy, Reporter
Researchers turned a living Venus Flytrap plant into a cyborg robotic arm capable of grabbing objects.
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Aliens Power Loader, From Movie To Real Life

By: Liam Ballew, Journalist
Starting in January of 2019 The Hacksmith and his team (from the youtube channel Hacksmith Industries) started development on a real-life Power Loader that would function as it did in the Aliens movie.
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Perseverance rover landing on mars.

Perseverance Rover Lands on Mars

By: Kevin Geng, Journalist
On February 18, 2021, the perseverance rover landed on Mars. It has already taken over 7000 photos.
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Photo Source:  Graphic created by Ryan Wells

Perseverance Landing

By: Ryan Wells, Journalist
The first color pictures of the surface of mars are here!
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Robot Chick in Disguise

By: Markus Merrill, Reporter
Do you wonder how we understand animals when humans are not present? If you were a robot in disguise, you might know the answer.
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Is It A Squid? No It’s A Robot!

By: Lena Tosounidis, Reporter
Scientists have gone far in terms of robotics and underwater research, but the University of Southampton and the University of Edinburgh took inspiration from both and created a robot that swims like a squid.
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Slime Robots

By: Isabel D'mello, Journalist
What comes to mind when you think of robots? The conventional robot is something that most of us can name: a solid machine that rolls or walks to move around. Now imagine a robot that can move fluidly...
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Curiosity Rover

By: Jackson Steider, Reporter
The Curiosity rover is a rover, funded and built by NASA scientists and engineers. It is the longest-lasting rover ever sent to Mars.
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“RMIT Artificial Skin.”

Electronic Skin

By: Arnutchay Sy, Reporter
The device mimics the body’s response that reacts to painful sensations with the same speed that nerve signals travel to the brain.
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By: Fox Burton, Reporter
Skeletonics are a nine feet tall 88 pound robots that go around the human body.
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Ellis, Claire. “Self-Flying Planes and the Future of Air Travel.” Self-Flying Planes and the Future of Air Travel,

Self Flying Planes and the Future of Air Travel

By: Jackson Steider, Reporter
This flying taxi as of January 2021, has been tested to the point of taking off and landing back down.
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