Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The category “Artificial Intelligence” or “AI” is for anything related to computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.

Tiny AI

By: An Nguyen, Reporter
Can a super powerful AI fit in our phones?
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How AI Will Change Sports

By: Eric Yang, Journalist
As AI get more prominent in the world sports will undoubtedly be changed. This is how sports will be massively impacted by AI technology.
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By Rico Gustav is licensed under CC BY 2.0

New AI Can Cease Prescription Mistakes Before They Happen

By: Kevin Le, Reporter
A new AI named MedAware Is used to stop prescription mistakes doctors give to patients.
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Photo Source:  Graphic created by Ryan Wells

Perseverance Landing

By: Ryan Wells, Journalist
The first color pictures of the surface of mars are here!
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How A.I. Learning Could Help Us Find Out How We Learn

By: Cavanagh Keelin, Journalist
For the past few decades, scientists have been on a search to understand how we learn, and how machines learn. Recently, some scientists have started to believe that the two may be related.
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A.I. Surveillance And How It’s Used to Solve Crimes

By: Alexander Nguyen, Reporter
Facial recognition has become a controversial dilemma in the United States. Hardly any people realize that police departments have embraced artificial intelligence.
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An image generated by DALL-E from the prompt

This AI Can Draw Images From Text

By: Nitya Regmi, Journalist
An artificial intelligence research laboratory based in San Francisco called OpenAI has recently created an AI that can generate images through text prompts.
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New AI Can Win Multiple Games With No Prior Instructions

By: Kevin Le, Reporter
MuZero Is a AI that can win multiple games with no prior instructions.
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Did Croatia Cheat With AI In The 2018 FIFA World Cup

By: Sina Farchtchi, Reporter
Did Croatia Cheat in the 20218 World Cup using AI to predict their opponents tactics used in their games?
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A Lot Of Jobs Now Are Becoming Virtual

By: Grady Clipper, Journalist
People are finding out ways to do a job from home instead of risking yourself the corona virus. Even tough the pandemic has lost millions of jobs it has also gained a good amount from trying to provide help.
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Self – Driving Cars

By: Reagan Vaughn, Reporter
The self-driving car drove 358 miles in six hours with no interference with the passenger their to make sure the car didn't have any malfunctions.
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Artificial Intelligence Saving Climate Change

By: Victoria Pham, Reporter
And turns out, artificial intelligence can actually help save climate change.
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Artificial Intelligence (AI)