The category “Automation” covers anything related to automatically controlled operation of things, processes or systems by mechanical and/or electronic devices that take the place of human labor.

How Do Mines Work?

By: Brian Mazariegos , Reporter

The way mines work is to hurt or destroy something or someone, there are two kinds of mines there are anti-personnel mines and anti-tank or anti-vehicle mines. Mines or mostly used on the defend army or...

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Robotic Venus Flytrap

By: Arnutchay Sy, Reporter
Researchers turned a living Venus Flytrap plant into a cyborg robotic arm capable of grabbing objects.
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Tiny AI

By: An Nguyen, Reporter
Can a super powerful AI fit in our phones?
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How AI Will Change Sports

By: Eric Yang, Journalist
As AI get more prominent in the world sports will undoubtedly be changed. This is how sports will be massively impacted by AI technology.
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Aliens Power Loader, From Movie To Real Life

By: Liam Ballew, Journalist
Starting in January of 2019 The Hacksmith and his team (from the youtube channel Hacksmith Industries) started development on a real-life Power Loader that would function as it did in the Aliens movie.
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Perseverance rover landing on mars.

Perseverance Rover Lands on Mars

By: Kevin Geng, Journalist
On February 18, 2021, the perseverance rover landed on Mars. It has already taken over 7000 photos.
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By Rico Gustav is licensed under CC BY 2.0

New AI Can Cease Prescription Mistakes Before They Happen

By: Kevin Le, Reporter
A new AI named MedAware Is used to stop prescription mistakes doctors give to patients.
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Mind Uploading— The Supposed “Digital Afterlife”

By: Benita Xavier, Journalist
Mind uploading, the idea of uploading one's consciousness into the digital world, is a term coined for years in science fiction. But what if I told you this method of immortal existence could be real?
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Photo Source:  Graphic created by Ryan Wells

Perseverance Landing

By: Ryan Wells, Journalist
The first color pictures of the surface of mars are here!
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How A.I. Learning Could Help Us Find Out How We Learn

By: Cavanagh Keelin, Journalist
For the past few decades, scientists have been on a search to understand how we learn, and how machines learn. Recently, some scientists have started to believe that the two may be related.
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A Brief Overview Of Hytale

By: Ryan Wells, Reporter
Fan of sandbox adventure games? Then Hytale is for you.
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A.I. Surveillance And How It’s Used to Solve Crimes

By: Alexander Nguyen, Reporter
Facial recognition has become a controversial dilemma in the United States. Hardly any people realize that police departments have embraced artificial intelligence.
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