Zombie Snails

By: Isabella Phillips, Writer

AH ZOMBIES! Yes, zombies are scary, but this one poses no threat to you. In fact, it isn't even a real zombie! This is a strange work of nature, and many people have been left wondering what happened....

Could You Have A Pet Ostrich?

By: Robert Martirosyan, Journalist
Most people who wish to have a pet want something basic, like a cat, dog, parrot, or fish. After all, why go any further?

Cobra Kai is Underrated

By: Richard Peredo Rodriguez, Reporter

Cobra Kai is so underrated and here's why.  Cobra Kai is about a teenager named Miguel.  He learns karate from the antagonist Johnny Lawrence.  Johnny Lawrence was the character from the first Karate...

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Review

By: Joshua Coronel, Reporter

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold war is the newest call of duty game coming out in November 13, 2020. The Call of Duty series has changed the way of gaming.  It is the best selling game in the world. All...

Carlos Ghosn - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2010 by World Economic Forum is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Carlos Ghosn: Fired & Arrested

By: Jeevesh Kanhai, Journalist

Two famous executives planned to commit millions of dollars in fraud but resulted in damage to some million-dollar car companies. Carlos Ghosn was born on March 19, 1954, in Brazil to French and Lebanese...

What is Boba Tea, and What Comes In It?

By: Cindy DeLeon-DeLeon, reporter

Boba tea is a drink that has these chewy balls, and a lot of people enjoy it. This trend was first made in Taiwan and has been around the world since. With many flavors to choose from including lychee,...

Hunter X Hunter

By: Erick Martinez-Gomez, Reporter

Hunter x Hunter is a very popular anime known throughout the community. The anime is about a boy named gon freecss who is on a search to become a hunter and find his dad. He meets many people and friends...


By: Jacob Garcia Cortes, Reporter

Stephen King’s 1986 horror novel IT has undergone three vastly different adaptations while continuing to focus on the fear of its terrifying clown, Pennywise, who was inspired by true crime and societal...

Are Psychics Real?

By: Alexander Smythe, Reporter

So the straight up answer? No. Psychics are fakes that will take your money. Ok, article is over. Wait what? You want to know why? Oh, well that's much harder to answer. Now then, lets get into the story....

Photo: PDSA handout via dpa

Mine-detecting Rat Wins Gold Medal

By: Conner Elling, Reporter

Magawa is an African giant pouched rat who's duty is to sniff out land-mines and bombs. And just last week Magawa was awarded a prestigious gold medal. Magawa had to go through 1 year of training before...

Why You Should Watch Naruto

By: Richard Peredo Rodriguez, Reporter

I'm sure You've heard a show called Naruto, if you don't know what Naruto is let me explain it without any spoilers. Naruto is a Show about a boy who lost his parents when he was born, When his...

US Navy Uses Xbox 360 Controllers Operate the Periscope on Submarines

By: Jeremy Scott, Reporter

The US Navy has started using gaming controllers to operate the periscopes on submarines. The reason they have started using these controllers is because they are familiar with the controls on a Xbox controller...

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