David Roy’s Amazing Kinetic Sculptures

By: Caitlin Arnold, Journalist
Roy’s continued passion for making his sculptures is because of one thing: Solving the problems of his sculptures. Roy’s passion for his creations isn’t slowing down soon.

Cherish by Madonna

By: Isabelle Paparella, Writer
A song expressing the love for their other half is beautiful.

Pierre by Ryn Weaver

By: Reese Sunga , Writer
This song makes me want to fall in love.  It makes my body jump, my face smile and puts me in a positive mood!

I like me better-Lauv

By: Aisha Abubakar, Writer
"I like me better" is a pop song about how you treasure and like yourself more when you are with someone you love.

The Peregrine Falcon

By: Zekarias Delelegn , Reporter
The Peregrine Falcon is a type of bird that comes from the Falco Peregrine species. They are most commonly known as being the fastest animal on earth, due to them reaching 240 mph while diving to catch it's prey.

A Few Ways Engineers Heals a Broken Heart

I know that it might sound weird to hear that an engineers can heal a broken heart but if you really think about it and read a little bit about it you could find yourself interested and surprised.

Effects of COVID-19 On Your Ability To Smell

By: Alexander Nguyen, Reporter
Anosmia or more commonly known as smell loss, is among the first signs of COVID-19. The most common cause of anosmia is from viruses.

Drivers license by Olivia Rodrigo

By: Paula Turcios-Amaya, Writer
Has someone ever broken a every salient promise to you? How did that make you feel? you tell me!

Juice Wrld – All Girls Are The Same

By: Daniel Murtin, Writer
Once listening to this song you get a kind of eerie and sad mood from the lyrics to the instrumental. The lyrics send in powerful and compelling words that make the listener fell calm and tranquil.

Coronavirus – What’s In The Name?

By: Umar Tyler, Reporter
COVID-19 is one of the biggest and fastest spreading viruses today. COVID is dangerous enough to be titled as a pandemic to this day.

Daniel Rozin’s Mirrors

By: Caitlin Arnold, Reporter
“The mirror is doing more than taking your image, it is capturing something about your soul and showing it back to you. These amazing works of art wouldn’t be possible without the engineer and you."- Daniel Rozin

Sleep Paralysis: And What Are Its Symptoms

By: Allen Chhu, Journalist
Sleep paralysis is a phenomena where your brain is conscience but your body is not and is paralyzed.
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