About the HomePod



By: Margaret Doan

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Ever waited for the latest released from Apple? Well, Apple just released the HomePod on February 9th, 2018. The HomePod is a smart speaker just like the Amazon Echo or Google Home. The voice used for the HomePod is Siri. Therefore, the HomePod mainly focus on music and it’s sound qualities. But, it can also help you by controlling your Smart Home and do as you command it. The only thing to mainly know about is, it only works with Apple Music. The HomePod cost $349 and comes in two color options, white or space grey. The HomePod is the latest addition to Apple products.


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In my opinion, this relates to engineering because of how it is design and how it works. Also, hardware, audio design and software engineering teams have to work together to build this device. Therefore it applies to engineering, since engineers have to make plans and have ideas to make it work.