Making Payments With Your FACE


By: j12 c3110

According to (, China has invested in making payments with facial recognition. Stating how computers have been evolving to make life easier and simpler, we can assure you that China is not joking about this. Practically a new way to use a credit/debit card?

Image result for chinas payment with face

Imagine walking into a store, buying yourself a lollipop and suddenly you forgot to bring money. Luckily, yet creepily, the store may ask you to “look at the screen above and hold still… beeeeep”

I hope mechanical engineers develop a new way of paying debts without your face. Perhaps a hand-print or fingerprint, however your face?

Could computers truly identify each person individually and avoid theft?

If so, could the computers be resistant to hackers? We surely do not want to rely on a system hack-able.