The Ember Ceramic Mug


By: Julian Scott


This mug is special, it is sold by Starbucks for a whopping $80. Why is this mug so expensive? This mug has the power to control and maintain the heat if whatever liquid you put in it. So if you like your hot chocolate hot, this mug is able to change the temperature to make it warmer or colder or if you like the temperature, it can maintain it. This mug has wireless charging so it runs on a built in charger. It also has Bluetooth that connects to an app on your phone which is available on iOS and android. It also knows if you have put a liquid in it, that is high tech! In the app, you can set default temperatures to the drink you like most so you don’t have to adjust the temperature every time you put a liquid in it. To wash this mug, you should hand wash it, but if you accidentally put it in a dishwasher, it can survive.

The mug has to be able to hold liquid without short circuiting. So, electrical engineers had to figure out how to install a heater and a battery and waterproof them. They also had to figure out how to keep it small and compact yet able to hold the battery and the heater.