What Makes A Speaker Good


By: Julian Scott

A speaker is good based because of how well it can recreate or copy the sound whether it be a gunshot or music. What I mean is that a good speaker will not alter the sound as much as a crap speaker. Materials also make up a good speaker, if the speaker is going to stay at home you might want something that matches the color or design of your house. If you are going to take it outside, you might want something made of durable materials that can be easily transported and not so stylish or elegant. If you want your speaker to be loud and stylish, look to buy a speaker made for staying in one place, Sonos makes good speakers for the house. If you want something that can be loud but portable and still stylish, look at the Beats Pill. If you are one of those people that do things that might break a speaker, look at Altec Lansing or JBL. I personally like Altec Lansing, JBL, and Bose. I find that these speakers are loud, stylish, tough, durable and meet my needs.


Making a durable yet stylish speaker requires a good engineer to design, find materials, and produce a speaker that is durable and stylish. You need to be able to solve the problem of making a speaker that fits the needs of a contemporary, stylish person to the risk-taker that does crazy things.

Here are some great quality speakers: