How do Tandem Helicopters Works!?!?!

How do Tandem Helicopters Works!?!?!

By: Om Seth

According to Glen S. Bloom,Tandem Helicopters like the Ch-47 aka Chinook use similar flight controls as a single rotor Helicopter. In a tandem rotor Helicopter, there is no tail rotor because it would be easier since there is no translating tendency to deal with. But you still have pedals for directional control at a hover. There is a Thrust control which is used to describe the pitch level.

Tandem Helicopters works in forward flight by using D.C.P aka differential collective pitch. The amount of pitch in an alt system will determine how high the nose increases/ decreases.

To tilt a Tandem Helicopter, you need to focus on the lateral cyclic and the corresponding pedals input to maintain the Helicopter.

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