How Install a Sink


By: Om Seth

According to, there are 25 steps to install a sink.

  1. Measure the Sink.
  2. Turn off your water supplies.
  3. Turn on the faucet.
  4. have a bucket to catch all the water before disconnecting the water supply.
  5. Remove the dishwater Drain line.
  6. Loosen the metal clips under the sink’s perimeter.
  7. but the caulk between the counter and the old sink.
  8. push under to lift the sink
  9. Remove dirt and grime around the counter
  10. put the new sink in
  11.  attach the clips for the sink bowl
  12. install the faucet and additional components
  13. add plumber putty around the drain strainer
  14. remove excess putty with a towel
  15. add silicon to the edge of the basin
  16. lower the sink
  17. attach the clips around the perimeter of the sink
  18. Attach the water supply
  19. Reinstall the dishwasher drain
  20. connect the disposer
  21. apply  small bead of sealant to the perimeter of the sink
  22. reconnect the disposer
  23.  turn on the water supply
  24. check for leaks
  25. enjoy your new sink!!

This is related to Cermatic and industrial engineering!!!

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